The most important question to ask in an interview

Most corporate videos contain interviews in some form or another.  It’s therefore really important to be good at interviewing.

“What questions are you going to ask?”

When you’re conducting interviews for your corporate videos, you naturally need to plan the questions you’re going to ask.

The key questions you need to ask in any interview.

The key questions you need to ask in any interview.

You’ll use the basic 5 Ws – ‘Who’, ‘What’, ‘Where’, ‘Who’, ‘Why’ – and ‘How’ to draw out the story and get the soundbites you need for your video.

However, there’s one more question that I always ask at the very end of every interview and it’s proven to be the most important one.

This is because it yields the best answers and gives you some of the most useful and significant material for the video.

That magical question?  It’s simply, “Is there anything more you want to say?”

Once you’ve got your subject warmed up by getting them to tell you the basic facts, if you then ask them this magic question, the floodgates really open and they’ll tell you loads of stuff you didn’t realise was important to the story.

Or they’ll re-phrase some of their earlier answers in a more pithy soundbite.

Once or twice, this question has led the client to realise that there was another subject that they needed to make another video about, so it led to further work for me.  It turns out that asking this question is good business!

I go into more detail about how to interview in my video course and in this post.


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