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I am negotiating some special deals exclusively for my readers.  I’ll update this page as I confirm them.

Special Offer No. 1

How do I sell my film?

If you’re anything like me and thousands of other independent filmmakers, you’re always working on a side-project or two.

That’s all well and good, but there’s no point in doing it unless you’ve worked out a selling strategy for the resultant film.

Selling my films was always something I struggled with before I discovered this course.  I used the principles I learnt to push my short film The Urge and it ended up making over 10 times its budget back in revenues.  This stuff works!

How to Sell Your MovieJason Brubaker’s How to Sell Your Movie course is one of the best sources of top tips to help you in this field, and I’m pleased to be able to offer it to you exclusively as a reader of my blog.

Find out more about the course here

I’m always on the lookout for more amazing deals for you and will post them here as I find them.

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