How to sell using a benefit statement

I was recently asked to come in and help a production company client with a pitch video that they felt wasn’t working for them.  They knew something wasn’t right, but they couldn’t put their finger on what it was.

“Know the difference between features and benefits”

Like a lot of production companies, they had assembled their most impressive footage into a 2-minute reel and intercut it with graphic text builds summarising what they do.

Now, “what” is important here.  By focusing on “what they do”, they had completely overlooked the more important “why they do it”.

Ice cream cone

Features of this ice cream include sugar and non-milk fats, the benefit is that you’ll enjoy eating it.

To put it another way, they were fixated on their features and had forgotten the first rule of salesmanship – “Clients buy benefits, not features”.

Before I started work on their video, I suggested we re-design their graphics to highlight the direct client benefits of working with this production company.  It took about 10 minutes of brain–storming, writing and re-writing to home in on 3 key positives of hiring them.

Once we had those 3 benefits worked out, I was able to re-cut and compress their video very quickly.  They ended up with a 50-second reel, which they took into a pitch meeting within the hour.

They won the business from the new client.

Benefits sell, so you should sell benefits, not features.  I discuss benefit statements in more detail in my video course.

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