How to maintain your health while making corporate videos

When you’re making corporate videos, you actually spend precious little time shooting, compared to the amount of time you’ll spend editing or pitching for new work.

Inevitably, this means that you’ll spend a lot of time hunched over a computer at your desk.  This sedentary existence is not healthy for your body.  You need a way to maintain your physical fitness on a frequent basis.

“Don’t let your work kill you”

Some people have advocated a standing desk, but this has been shown to be of little benefit over the longer term.  You could use a treadmill desk instead, but that takes much more effort and isn’t entirely client-friendly.

Alternatively, you could work out at the gym, go jogging, do yoga or play sports, but you can’t do that frequently enough.

Woman doing yoga

A woman doing a yoga exercise. Try doing this during a client edit!

You need hourly stretch exercises.

For about a year now, I have been using the free service provided by Stretch Clock and I love it.  Since I started, my aches and pains have diminished markedly and I find I can work for much longer without needing proper breaks.

The best thing is that the exercises are so simple, quick and fun that, if I am working in an edit with a client present, I just encourage them to join me while I exercise.

Visit, make use of the free system and your body will thank you.  It costs nothing but your time and willpower.  You do a simple stretch exercise of about 1-2 minutes every hour on the hour and you’re sorted.  I wish I’d found it years ago.

(If you do decide to pay for the upgraded version of the service, I’d be curious to hear from you about what you feel about it.  Please leave a comment below, or send me an e-mail.)

(And thank you to @HEProctor and @JordanFenlonlx for introducing Stretch Clock to me in the first place!)

[Yoga image by Stuart Miles at]

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