How to handle a client who’s not happy with your work


In brief, one of the best strategies to deal with a dissatisfied client is not to get into this situation in the first place.

“Managing expectations”

You achieve this by constantly discussing with the client what they want and expect and then relaying back to them what you understand from them and what you intend to deliver – in other words, manage their expectations.

However, if they are unhappy when you deliver, you need to find out specifically why they are unhappy.

Don’t ask “Why are you unhappy?”, but instead ask “What is making you unhappy?” – this encourages them to be specific about where the problem lies and makes it more likely that you can address it.

“Offer a solution”

You need to offer a solution as soon as you can, even if the problem is not your fault.  The client is buying your services as a problem solver and the more problems you can solve, the better, as it will cement your reputation in the mind of the client as their “go-to” guy or gal.

I cover a detailed strategy to handle upset clients in part 7 of my video seminar, using the CAP formula, which I describe in the video.

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