How I discovered corporate video

The corporate video sector is so huge and all-pervasive that it could probably outweigh the film, TV, pop promo and commercials businesses all combined.  It can be possible almost to miss seeing it for what it is, as it’s everywhere you look.

“There are no barriers to entry”

A filmmaker proving that there is no barrier to entry

The beauty of making corporate videos is that any filmmaker can break in without any barriers to entry.  It is a true meritocracy – we all have the same chance of success.  In fact, it is so simple to break into that I was actually working in corporate videos for a couple of years before I even realised!

The very first film I ever made was a corporate video.  And how I came to make it is a perfect illustration of the opportunity that is open to all filmmakers.

I was walking past a fringe (think off-Broadway) theatre here in London in 1987.  I noticed they were having some building work done and the whole theatre was being renovated.  I immediately asked myself if they were having a video record made of the events.

So, I marched in there and asked to speak to the manager.  I pitched him the idea of making a video about his theatre’s renovations and he loved it.  I was commissioned on the spot.

Now, get this.  At this point in my life I WAS NOT EVEN A FILMMAKER!  I saw an opportunity and just happened to know a couple of friends who had made an amateur video and I thought, “How hard can it be to make a film, if they can do it?”

“Winning the lottery”

A filmmaker wins the lottery by walking into a commissioner’s office and landing a deal

A filmmaker wins the lottery by walking into a commissioner’s office and landing a deal

Can you imagine if I had walked into a TV network headquarters, asked to speak to the manager and then pitched a drama series idea on the spot?  Wouldn’t happen.

And would I have been commissioned on the spot?  Absolutely no way.  It would have had to go to this committee, that committee, the executives upstairs, etc.  I’d have been left hanging for months.  Not to mention the doubts that would have been raised about my total lack of experience and no track record.

And meanwhile, I wouldn’t have been earning a penny and having to work a terrible office job or stack shelves at the supermarket, etc.

If you want to make a living as a filmmaker, there is no better way to start than to look at the whole world of opportunity that awaits you in the corporate video sector.

This course will help you to identify and understand the market sectors.  You can watch the first two episodes for free.


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2 thoughts on “How I discovered corporate video

  1. I’ve felt really encouraged after reading this piece. I am about to graduate from college and I’ve been stuck in trying to figure out how I can start making a living out of making films without having to go through rejections from production companies due to lack of experience.
    It seems like the corporate video sector is the way to go for a beginner like me.

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